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We have compiled a list of hiking and trekking tours in Peru. Peru is a true hikers paradise. Practically all of the Andes include trekking circuits of various degrees of difficulty and only a few have been discovered as commercial trekking routes used by the pre Incas and local communities during these days. The rest are still unexplored and await those who wish to walk the trails of the mountainous range and their extraordinary pre-Columbian roads.
More than 12.000 lakes, the deepest canyons in the world, glaciers and snowcapped mountains, forests and waterfalls, picturesque towns and the most hospitable people one could imagine welcome travelers.
Some roads are so steep they get lost in dizzying abysses, or they zigzag like huge snakes between the mountains, like flat and long ribbons lost in the immensity of the desert, or hidden and imperceptible in the thickness of the Amazon forest.
The different regions of Peru offer endless possibilities and the ideal combination for trekkers of all levels of experience and requirements.
You can join an incredible adventure by the ancient trail to Machu Picchu, Colca canyon trek or new alternative treks such as Lares Llama Trek to Machu Picchu or maybe do you like to get in the dense cloud forest following the Salkantay trail enjoying the most spectacular landscapes with the safety, and comfort of a highly reliable outfitter.
Peru Adventure Tours offer a variety of treks between Arequipa, Puno and Cusco region with exciting itineraries designed to appeal to most visitors budgets. Due to our many years of experience in the travel industry, we can offer unbeatable prices with no compromise on quality with experienced office staff and guides.
Peru Adventure Tours take pride in looking after our team and pay our trekking staff such as guides, cooks, porters, horsemen, ant the rest of our staff well above average wages.
We cannot promise you that our porters are happy all of the time (they still have to work extremely hard for a living) but we can guarantee that our porters are well treated, fairly paid (in accordance with the Porters Law and the Ministry of Work) and have plenty of food, camping gear ad access to use the first aid kit like another client.
Many other trekking companies will tell you this, but there are less than a handful of companies that genuinely care for their porters. Another very important point consist to provide the best quality and comfortable camping gear such as sleeping pads and high mountain tents for the most extremely cold and wet season of the Cordillera de los Andes.
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Horse Journey Through The Highlands

Camping Tour In The  Cloud Forest Of Peru
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