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Hikes and treks specialist in the Coast, Andes and Rainforest of Peru

PERU ADVENTURE TOURS have compiled a list of hiking and trekking tours in Peru. Peru is a true hikers paradise. Practically all of the Coast, Andes and the Rainforest include trekking circuits of various degrees of difficulty and only a few have been discovered as commercial trekking routes used by the pre Incas and local communities during these days. The rest are still unexplored and await those who wish to walk the trails of the mountainous range and their extraordinary pre-Columbian roads. Peru Adventure Tour organizes hiking and trekking tours from one up to 28 days from the coast up to the Andes and then to the dense Amazon jungle. PERU ADVENTURE TOURS combines three great regions of Peru, giving you a complete real panoramic view adventure activities focus on nature, wildlife, landscapes, history, culture, remote villages, contact with Quechua Andean world, legendary local ceremonies, pre and Incan archaeological sites, deep canyons, abandoned valleys, colorful Andean markets along the way, national parks and reserve, endless desert and actives volcanic lands, geographic treasures, this trek offer intimate introduction to different ecological floors and climates. Join us, join our experience official tour guides, join our selected staff from the three different regions of Peru, they will designed the best hiking and trekking itinerary according your request. PERU ADVENTURE TOURS invite you to check and have general idea of our camping gear, food, porters, transports and local tour guides before make reservation. We guarantee everything is descripting in our website.


PERU ADVENTURE TOURS guides are an essential part of the tour packages in Peru. They guide tours for groups of tourists in a wide range of locations. Tourist guides inform visitors about heritage sites and attractions such as stately homes, museums, archaeological sites, natural history, Peruvian art, art culinary, religion, Architecture, wheather, social and politic condition of Peru. More about our tour guide Click Here...


DOITE TENT - PRO ACONCAGUA 3 Person 4 Season Expedition

Pro Aconcagua - Doite Camping Gear
All our camping gears are in good maintenance and after every trekking tour are carefully watched to be used the next time. We provide 3 people capacity tents for 2 people (double) and for solo hikers we supply 2 people capacity tents. We use only four season tents in our trek expeditions, see technical details:
Fly: Poly Rip-Stop PU 7000mm Seam Taped
Inner: Poly Rip-Stop HD 1000mm with BR
Floor: P/OXD PU 5000mm Seam Taped
Weight: 5kg
Height: 1.20m
Width: 2.60m
Length: 0.6m + 2.20m + 0.6m

DOITE TENT - KAILAS 3 Person 4 Season Expedition

Kaila Tent - Doite Camping Gear
Fly: Poly Rip-Stop PU 7000mm Seam Taped
Inner: Poly Rip-Stop HD 1000mm with BR
Floor: P/OXD PU 5000mm Seam Taped
Weight: 4.5kg
Height: 1.10m
Width: 1.90m
Length: 1.1m + 2.20m
Poles: 9.5mm

DOITE TENT - EXPEDITION BASE 15 people capacity

Doite Tent - Expedition
Expedition base is one of the best dome tent designed for long expedition in extremely wind, snow and rain conditions. This tent is perfect for large group of trekkers, who wants to experience good quality equipment.


Sleeping bag -15ºC
This Polar EX is a synthetic bag for expeditions in extremely cold conditions.
Tem: -29°C
Length: 84" (213 cm); 90" (228 cm)
Total Weight: 3 lbs 13 oz (1717 g); 4 lbs 2 oz (1872 g)


Doite Sleeping Pad
Double thickness foam sleeping mattress is one most comfortable to sleep in hard terrains of the Andes. This inflate sleeping mattress include in our Private VIP Service only, because demand to have enough porters to carry it. We have the normal inflate sleeping bag for backpacker service.


Doite Dining Tent
Extra large dining tent and complete windproof to make comfortable every dinner of trekkers lovers.


Doite Cooking Tent
This is the cooking tent for our specialist cook, who will prepare each meal for our clients.


They carry up to 12Kg = $140 USD for the full duration of the tour from Cusco to Aguas Calientes (4 days). Regarding porters who carry personal items. You will need to carry with you a daypack with your Camera, bottle of water, snacks, a fleece or something warm and a poncho in case of rain (unlikely in dry season but as a precaution) and anything you will need before lunch as porters do not walk alongside you. Your bag will be waiting for you in your tent at campsites.
Best to put everything up to 12kgs in one backpack for the porter so that you don't have 2 large backpacks in your tent. We can provide you with a big rice sack that is not heavy but also not water proof so use plastic bags around your gear. The porters have large ponchos to cover them and the bag.
On day 2 you can hire a porter from the village of Wayllabamba to carry your pack over the pass to the second campsite approximately $35 USD.
Salary of the porter cover they food and camping gear, accommodation and first aid kit.


PERU ADVENTURE TOURS camp staff will provide filtered boiled water, which is safe to drink and has not reported any health problem so far. Also you can bring your own water sterilizing tablets in case you pick up water from streams or rivers along the route. Some parts of our itinerary include small towns and remote village where is possible to buy bottle of water, the local people charge few soles more for hard work they did to bring water from other towns. We don't recommend you to drink water from the streams or tap even if the local people drink or they say is okay.


Peru has many bus companies running from the south to the north or from any part of the jungle to the coast through the Andes. Some local tour operators use public bus service to transfer their clients to the trailhead. PERU ADVNETURE TOURS prefer not use public bus for many reason, the best way to know and enjoy every corner mentioned in our hiking and trekking itineraries; is better to have a private van or 4x4 to guarantee every stop and to make flexible travel. PERU ADVENTURE TOURS has experience drivers and knows very well each region of Peru, and our vehicles are good mechanic maintenance after every return. Also our transport have insurance for accidents and hospitalization, this insurance cover all our route were we development our hiking and trekking tours. Our transports are provided with luggage rack or towing to carry or pull extra stuff such as camping gear, food, water, diesel, etc.
PERU ADVENTURE TOURS recommend to take private VIP service you will enjoy much more your vacations in Peru.


PerERU ADVENTURE TOURS work harmoniously with local communities and they hire us the horses, mules or donkeys to be used to transport our camping gear, food, and some time for ride. After we arrange to work with local people and their animals we supply them the food and camping gear such as tents, sleeping mattress and sleeping bags. Some hiking and trekking tours include Llamas (LARES LLAME TREK - 5 Days or ANDEAN LLAMA TREK 8 Days ) to carry our gear. These wonderful animals are domesticate and cared by the Andean farmers. To walk with Llamas on the Inca path make very interesting experience. All these animals are care by part of our camp staff; they provide food and place to sleep (corrals).

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