TWO DAY BUS TRIP TO COLCA CANYON $72 USD Per Person - Group Service

Daily Bus Tour To The Deepest Canyon In The World

The Colca Canyon is located on the southern Peru in the Andes mountain range exist the second deepest canyon in the world, It is more than twice as deep as the Apurimac Canyon (Peru) and the Grand Canyon in the United States, the canyon's walls are not as vertical as those of the Grand Canyon. The Colca River birth in the Andes between Condoroma and Crucero Alto (above 4500-5000m), drops the water down to Pacific Ocean, this river have 4 names as Colca River, Andamayo River, Majes River and finally Camana River. The Colca Canyon register hard rain during December to April and the rest of the year is dry, sunny and cold weather.
The deepest part of the Colca Canyon is register between Ampato Mountain (6310m) and Coropuna snow-capped (6377m), on the left bank of the canyon exist a small town named Huambo and straight down of this town is located Cancco Valley (1720m) which is the greatest deep point that reaches a depth of 4590 meters.
The name Colca refers to small holes in the cliffs in the valley and canyon. These holes were used in Inca and pre-Inca times to store food, such as potatoes and other Andean crops. They were also used as tombs for important people.
The geography of the Colca Canyon are habitable, and Inca and pre-Inca terraces are still cultivated along the less precipitous canyon walls; they build stepped terraces to cultivate the ancestral potatoes, maize and other products of this region. The Colca Valley is a wonderful and colorful Andean valley with many small and remotes towns on the both side of the Canyon founded by Spanish conquers. The Spanish introduce and change many ancestral traditions as the religion. The Colca Valley keeps many colonial richest churches in all Arequipa regions.
The canyon is home of the Andean Condor (Vultur Gryphus), they are can be seen at fairly close range as they fly through the precipices. The Condor is the main tourist attraction and can be seen at "Cruz Del Condor", is a popular tourist stop, the pass where the Condors soar gracefully on the rising thermals occurring as the air warms.
The Colca Canyon is the main tourist attraction in Arequipa, the Colca Valley can be visit directly from Arequipa, from Cusco by 4WD or from Puno (Lake Titicaca) by private van. The Colca Canyon geography offer great terrain to practice outdoor activities such as Trekking Tours, Climbing Tours, Horse Tours, Mountain Bike, River Rafting, Camping, Bird Watching combining with relaxing visit to the numerous thermal baths and staying in charm and comfortable hotels along the Colca Canyon.
PERU ADVENTURE TOURS organize daily visit to the Colca Canyon, with experience driver and official accredited tour guides and including good food, entrance to the park and the best hotels to stay in the second deepest canyon in the world.
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PRIVATE SERVICE: The depart can be at 6AM or 7AM to avoid thousands of tourists leaving from Arequipa around 8AM (Group Service) - Leaving more early from Arequipa you can get time for each highlight (without tourists) where tour guide recommend to stop for photos and interesting information, also you can get more time for hiking on the upper zone of the valley - Booking Private Service you need to indicate us the hour of the depart from Arequipa - You also can be pick up from bus station or airport of Arequipa and follow with itinerary mentioned below.

GROUP SERVICE: Around 8AM we will meet in your hotel of Arequipa and then start our daily tour to the second deepest canyon in the world, driving on the left side of Chachani mountain (6070M), continue going up to 4200M, where is a Natural Reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca, is the nature habitat for the Vicuñas, one of South American camelidos, groups of Llamas, Alpacas, small lake (Bofedales), highlands views (Pata Pampa 4850m), snow caps and volcanoes, will stop every place to get short break getting pictures from all each place you like.
At 1PM we will arrive in Chivay town, located over 3600m, there you can choose any restaurant to get your lunch (Does Not Include) - Then we will supply the room according the selected hotel to leave your personal things/items and then transfer to La Calera thermal pools (45°C) and enjoy the outdoor or indoor pools until 6PM - The entrance to hot spring is not included in the tour price ($6 USD each) - Also here you can get massages for reasonable price.
At 7PM everyone (Private Service & Backpacker Service staying in Chivay) will meet the tour guide in the lobby of the hotel and then transfer to the planetarium Maria Reiche, this is located at Casa Andina Hotel (Chivay). We invite you to immerse in the mysteries of the Colca Valley sky and enjoy the performance Colca deep Canyon, deep sky. You can learn how the ancient inhabitants of the Andes interpreted the night sky according to their myths and beliefs. The performances include projecting constellations in the Planetarium dome as well as observing the stars of Colca`s sky through a professional telescope.
After the Planetarium you will transfer to selected restaurant to have your dinner accompanied with life Andean music show (Excluded).
The visit to the planetarium is restricted for participants who choose to stay in hotels OUTSIDE Chivay, even if you book Backpacker or Private Service - The visit to the planetarium during the rainy season (December to April) is subject to changes of the weather conditions - PERU ADVENTURE TOURS is not responsible for weather changes or suspension of the event by the direct administration of the planetarium (Casa Andina Hotel - Chivay) - The payment made for the service of planetary will be refunded to each participant at the end of the tour/trek - We appreciate your understanding for any inconvenience that may arise.
GROUP SERVICE (Join group/shared transport): After lunch the participants will have free time to rest until 4pm and then transfer to the thermal pools located 5 minutes driving from Chivay on the northeast (upper canyon). If you don’t like to visit the thermal pools you can walk around by yourself, the area is safety and easy to know where you are going.
PRIVATE SERVICE (Private guide/van): This service is the perfect option for people like to enjoy much more the canyon. The PERU ADVENTURE TOURS guides recommend departing from Arequipa as early as possible (6AM) and arrive to the canyon before thousands of tourist appears when they take the backpacker service.
This option offer you 2 hours maximum of trekking around the canyon, we recommend to do the trekking before lunch, according the weather condition and if the location of the hotel permit. If you choose the hotel out Chivay you need to consider the time we spend to get there. Sometime the participants of Private Service choose hotels as:
COLLAHUAS INN HOTEL: they are located in Yanque town (let bank of the Colca River), just 10 minutes from Chivay and transfer is taking a good paved road.
COLCA LODGE HOTEL: this located on the right bank of Colca River, just in from of Yanque town. The transfer from Chivay to this hotel takes around 40 minutes and following a gravel road. This hotel have available access to the private thermal pools (hot spring) next of Colca River (rec).
LAS CASITAS DEL COLCA HOTEL: this hotel is one of the nicer and good location on the left bank of the river, to get there we need to drive from Chivay to Yanque and then gravel road through agriculture terraces. The transfer takes around 30 minutes. PERU ADVENTURE TOURS really recommends staying at this hotel.
All participants chose to stay in any hotel mentioned above don’t include the visit to the Planetarium Maria Reiche and the thermal pools (hot spring) of La Celera - Chivay.

OPTIONAL: After lunch you can combine horseback riding or downhill bike trip around the canyon. These activities need to be confirmed at booking time.
These tours design just for participants chose the hotel in Chivay and PRIVATE SERVICE ONLY because each activity demands around 3 hours - The ALTERNATIVE tour mentioned below are not Available for GROUP SERVICE.
3 HOURS OF CANOCOTA CANYON TREK - Free under request at booking time
After lunch you will be transferred for about 20 minutes by private transport from Chivay to Canocota village - This is very remote village located on the upper zone and next of narrow canyon - The is option includes nice and low level of trekking on ancient Inca trail along the canyon with impressive views and nature along Colca River - At the end of trek we invite to enjoy the thermal pools of La Calera (38°C) for $6 USD of admission per person - Don't forget to bring your swimsuit and towel - This trek is available even if is raining but you need to bring very good waterproof gear as shoes, pants and jacket or poncho - After reasonable time at the hot spring transfer to hotel and end of activities of this day.
3 HOURS OF HORSEBACK RIDING TOUR $50 USD P.P (Minimum 2 Participants
This tour Includes nice riding through fully agriculture terraces on the left and right bank of Colca River, the main location of our horses are in Yanque town where we go by private transport to have nice introduction to the horses and begin the trip after safety talking and check the equipment's as saddles and helmets - The riding also includes visit the pre-Inca ruins of Uyu Uyu - This horseback tour is suitable for experienced and beginners riders - The tour can includes some gallop only if you know very well to ride the horses otherwise we don't recommend to try that to avoid any accident - Booking this tour you need to bring fleece or windproof jacket to kept warm the body during the riding time - This tours is not available if is raining or not available horses.
3 HOURS OF DONWHILL BIKING TOUR $50 USD P.P (Minimum 2 Participants)
The mountain bike downhill from the highest point as known as PataPampa (4910M) can be done in 3 hours of pure downhill to Chivay (3400 m.a.s.l). The nice mountain bike tour is recommended for mountain bike lovers thanks to nice single trucks and good road condition - This ALTERNATIVE mountain bike tour is suitable for beginners and experienced bikers - The tour cost already includes mountain bike, full finger gloves and ventilate helmets.
Waiting For Condors In The Colca Canyon - Mirador Cruz del Condor


At 6AM will be breakfast in your hotel included as courtesy and then 2 hours of transfer in our transport to “El Mirador Cruz Del Condor” - This journey includes nice drive on the left bank of Colca River passing small towns with colonial churches and spectacular highlights as snow-capped, hanging tombs, cactus forest, and lot flora and fauna along Colca valley – Also we stop in some lookout to see lot agriculture terracing on the both side of Colca valley – Around 8AM start a short and alternative trekking along the canyon (Private Service only) to arrive to the Condor cross viewpoint to watch the fly of the biggest bird in the world – Luckily you can see the Condors very close like 10 meters away from you or sometimes they are seating on huge rocks next of cliffs facing the deep of the canyon – Free time to enjoy spectacular view of the canyon and get some relax.
At 10AM we drive back to Chivay but along the way we stop getting nice views of the river and Colca valley, other colonial churches, small handicraft markets, and seeing local's people working the ancient's pre-Incan terraces.
Around 12:30PM arrive to Chivay to have lunch (Does Not Include) and then 30 minutes of free time for personal activities as visit the local Andean market or walk around.
Around 1:30PM meeting at Plaza de Central (main square) and then 4 hours of journey from Chivay to Arequipa – This transfer includes few stops to use toilet – The tour ends in your hotel of Arequipa around 5PM to 6PM.


If you plan to continue your travel to Puno instead to return to Arequipa easily you can continue to Puno (lake Titicaca) taking additional semi private bus transfer for $50 USD each - We have depart at 1PM from Chivay and arrive to Puno around 7PM and you can be drop off in your hotel or main square of Puno - This semi private bus transfer includes 2 stops ONLY to use toilet but not to visit tourist attractions along the way - The tickets for the seats need to be purchased at booking time of this tour to Colca canyon - We cannot guarantee any last moment bookings if you want to find available seats from Chivay to Puno - FOR PRIVATE TRANSFER FROM CHIVAY TO PUNO CLICK HERE...
Picture Of Andean Condor - Colca Canyon Peru


  1. Official English-Speaking guide
  2. Shared tourist transportation (Group Service only)
  3. Private transport (Private Service only)
  4. 1 night in the selected lodging in Chivay or Yanque only
  5. Tourist ticket of 70 soles or $25 US Dollars per person (Obligatory). This is the unique entrance to the Colca national park even if you don't stop at "Mirador Cruz Del Condor" (take care not many tour operators don't include this tourist ticket), the entrance is valid to visit all the canyon but not valid for hot springs along the canyon
  6. 3 hours of hiking around the Colca canyon (Private Service only)
  7. 1 breakfast as courtesy from booked hotel
  8. Ticket to visit the Planetarium Maria Reiche/Projecting constellations (Casa Andina Hotel)- During the rainy season (December to April) the visit is subject to changes or cancellation by direct administration of the even - This event is included for customers choosing to stay in a hotel in Chivay only
  9. First aid kit for all participants and our cam staff
  10. Food and accommodation for our camp staff

If this is your first time going to the Andes or High Mountains we recommend getting information about the ALTITUDE SICKNESS, see below some websites recommend by High Mountain doctors and scientists from over the world.
ISMM – International Society For Mountain Medicine
MEDEX – Medical Expeditions


GROUP SERVICE (up to 19 or more people)
Hs. Colca Wasi 72 72 Small room with private bath + hot shower is not guarantee + TV Cable + Wi-Fi only if is available + Breakfast
Hs. Colca Terra (Chivay) 88 78 Private bathroom + Hot shower if is available + TV Cable + Wi-Fi in the lobby - Towel and toile paper + Continental breakfast
Hs. Villa Hermosa (Yanque) 95 82 Private bathroom + Hot shower if is available + TV Cable + Wi-Fi in the lobby - Towel and toile paper + Continental breakfast
Hs. Sierra Alta Colca (Chivay)
118 108 Spacious new room + Private bathroom + 24 hours of hot shower + Continental breakfast + TV cable + Available internet access + Heating + Available towel, soap and toilet paper - MORE INFORMATION...
Kollawas Home Inn (Chivay)
120 112 Carpetd rooms + Private bathroom + Hot shower + Continental breakfast + Wi-Fi + Heating + Available towel, soap, and toilet paper - MORE INFORMATION...
Kontiki Lodge (Yanque) 128
Room with private bathroom + 24 hours of hot shower + Heating + Continental breakfast + Balcony with mountiain view + Green area + Laundry service + Parking + Available towel, soap and toilet paper + MORE INFORMATION...
Miskiwasi B&B (Yanque)
135 117 Spacious rooms + Private bathroom + Hot shower + Continental breakfast + Wi-Fi + Large green area + Available towel, soap, and toilet paper + Parking + MORE INFORMATION...
Colca Inn
Standard Room

137 Carpet rooms + Private bathroom + 24 hours of hot shower + Buffet breakfast + Parking + Heat + Available towel + Wi-Fi + Available towel, soap, and toilet paper + MORE INFORMATION...
Pozo del Cielo (Chivay) 155 145 Carped rooms + Private bathroom + Hairdryer + Heating + LED TV cable + Amenities kit + Sauna + Buffet breakfast + Large green area + Available oxygen service + Lookout + Parking + Room and toilet amenities + Restaurant & Cafeteria + Wi-Fi + MORE INFORMATION...
Eco Inn Valle Del Colca (Yanque) 155 155 Carped rooms + Heating + Buffet breakfast + Large green area + Lookout + TV room + Fast laundry service + Available oxygen service + Room Service + Room and toilet amenities + Parking + Laundry service + Restaurant & Cafeteria + Wi-Fi + MORE INFORMATION...
Casa Andina Classic 170 165 Carped rooms + Heating + Buffet breakfast + Large green area + Available oxygen service + Parking + Available planetarium and observatory entry + Wi-Fi + Room and toilet amenities + Restaurant & Cafeteria (REC) + MORE INFORMATION...
Killawasi Lodge (Yanque) 190 175 Spacious room with orthopedic mattresses and allergenic pillow + Private bathroom + Private balconies or terraces + Heating + Buffet breakfast + Large green area + Parking + Wi-Fi + Room and toilet amenities + Restaurant & Cafeteria + MORE INFORMATION...
Colca Lodge
(Standard room)

194 Carped rooms + Heating + Buffet Breakfast + Hot spring Pools + Towel & soap + Available Horseback riding & Fishing facilities + Parking + Large green area + Wireless internet + Restaurant & Cafeteria + MORE INFORMATION...
ApuVilla Luxury Ecolodge (Yanque)
245 205
Spacious room 62m² + Buffet Breakfast + Heating + Private terraces + Windows with panoramic view of the valley + Luxury bathroom and shower + Room and toilet amenities + Whirlpool tub + Parking + Large green area + Wi-Fi + Restaurant & Cafeteria + MORE INFORMATION...
Aranwa Pueblito Encantado Del Colca
Carped rooms + Heating + Buffet Breakfast + Hot spring Pools + Towel & soap + Available Horseback riding & Fishing facilities + Parking + Large green area + Wireless internet + Restaurant & Cafeteria + MORE INFORMATION...

Las Casitas Del Colca (Standard room)



Carped rooms + Jacuzzy + Buffet Breakfast + Large Green area + Safety box + Available horse ride + Swimming pool + Parking + Heating + Dry hair + Towel & soap + Wireless internet + Restaurant & Cafeteria (REC) + Natural lookouts + Fishing & Horseback riding facilities + MORE INFORMATION...
Before to book this trip we recommend to read our TERMS $ CONDITIONS and prevent future inconveniences.
Condor Party At The Colca Canyon


  1. Travel insurance
  2. Soft and alcoholic drinks - Customers under effect of alcohol or other drugs are prohibited to join this trip without money refund
  3. Breakfast on the first day
  4. 1 diner in Chivay
  5. 2 lunches in Chivay - In Yanque there some little restaurants to get your diner
  6. Hotel in Arequipa
  7. Tip for guide and camp staff
  8. 3 hours of hiking (Group Service only)
  9. Horseback riding or MT biking around Chivay or Yanque (3hrs max.)
  10. Fishing gear
  11. Entrance to the hot spring in Chivay or Yanque - 15 soles per person will be paid directly ($5 USD) - The admission cost doesn’t include towel but other facilities as shower and toilets are available


  1. Small backpack 40lt
  2. Rain jacket or poncho (December to April)
  3. Strong comfortable and waterproof footwear
  4. One complete change of clothing
  5. Sweater and jacket (something warm)
  6. Bottle of water
  7. Hat or cap to protect you from the sun
  8. Sun block (sun protection cream)
  9. Insect repellent
  10. Selection of small snacks, chocolate, dried fruit, biscuits, etc
  11. Camera, plenty of film and spare batteries
  12. Sunglasses
  13. Swimsuit and towel for the hot spring
  14. Optional walking sticks or poles


Normally this kind of service includes to join a group up to19 or more participants in the same transport plus the tour guide and driver - Booking and choosing this service might you will miss to visit the Planetarium show if you go to stay in accommodations located out of Chivay - This service does not includes 3-hour of hiking.


This is available for individuals or groups at any day during all year. We strongly recommend book this trip with private transport to explore more the Colca canyon and get time for some trekking to visit ruins or the upper zone of the Colca valley - This tour can be combined with private and directly transfer to Puno or to Cusco, please check this option at booking time.


All customers booking Group Service will be picked up from their hotels located in downtown of Arequipa (around plaza de armas) - In case someone likes being picking up from bus station or airport has to pay additional and confirm at booking time otherwise we not responsible if your arrival is late and miss your entire trip without any refund from our company - For people booking PRIVATE SERVICE ONLY are included pick-up from airport or bus station - The trip ends in your hotel of Arequipa around 5PM - Tour price don't includes airport drop-off or transfer to bus station.

Daily departures are available all year - Private Tours can be organized from Puno/Arequipa (from the airports/hotels) - Private Service can depart more early/later but this depends of each customer at booking time.

We are not responsible for skinny/poor breakfast provided by cheap accommodations - For standard or higher level accommodation booked you will receive a huge buffet breakfast.

Obviously we are working with almost all hostels and hotels in the Colca canyon - They are very strategic partners to organize this trip to Colca valley because we rent their rooms for your stay - If you book a room in one of those accommodation mentioned in our website and you are not happy with the facilities, cleanliness, hot shower, ambiance or another factor we recommend to report the problem to the manager of the hotel because those problems are out of our control.
If you are looking to hire private car, this is available everyday but need advance reservation by email ( - If you hire a private car/transport you need book your accommodation in Chivay, Yanque or Cabanaconde and then you will be drop-off there at the end of the service - Also you can get more time for outdoor activities as trekking, biking or horseback riding. Find below price for different routes hiring private car UP TO 4 PEOPLE plus place for luggages:

Arequipa/Chivay/Yanque/Coporaque/Colca Lodge/Aranwa (with stops) $265 USD
Arequipa/Chivay/Cabanaconde (with stops) $295 USD
Arequipa/Chivay/Cruz Del Condor/Arequipa (1 Day with stops) $270 USD
Arequipa/Chivay/Cruz Del Condor/ Puno (1 Day with stops) $455 USD
Arequipa/Chivay/Cruz Del Condor/Cabanaconde/Arequipa (2 Day with stops) $350 USD
Arequipa/Chivay/Cruz Del Condor/Cabanaconde/Puno (2 Day with stops) $560 USD
Chivay/Mirador Cruz Del Condor/Cabanaconde/Chivay (6hrs with stops) $120 USD
Chivay/Arequipa (4hrs) $220 USD
Chivay/Puno (7 hrs with stops) $350 USD
Chivay/Espinar/Sicuani/Cusco or vice-versa (10hrs with stops) $690 USD

Each service need to be booked in advance through our booking form and with a deposit of $70 USD as first payment via PayPal - Each hiring prices includes driver service (Spanish-Speaking), fuel, road tax, food and lodging for the driver, pick up from bus stop or airport of Arequipa, drop off at your hotel or airport of Arequipa/Juliaca (Puno).

EXCLUDED: Entrance to Colca Canyon (70 soles each), Entrance to hot spring (15 soles each), Accommodation in the canyon/Arequpa/Puno/Cusco, Customer food and drinks, and tipping.

For more information about the tour or you request a new date to departure for this tour, please contact us....
Some of our clients e-mail us saying our confirmation e-mails are placed to their spam folder rather than their inbox. We recommend to modify your JUNK or SPAM FILTER SETTINGS to receive our e-mail on the correct inbox. You may also want to add this email address to your list of known contacts. This will prevent our responses from being filtered into your Junk or Spam mail folder.