Sacred Land Of The Incas - World Heritage Site- UNESCO

Cuzco is a city in southeastern Peru, near the Urubamba valley (Sacred Valley) of the Andes mountain range. Cuzco was the capital ofInca empire. Many believe that the city was planned to be shaped like a Puma. The city had two sectors: the urin and hanan, which were further divided to each encompass two of the four provinces, Chinchaysuyo (NW), Antisuyo (NE), Contisuyo (SW), and Collasuyo (SE). A road led from each of these quarters to the corresponding quarter of the empire. Each local leader was required to build a house in the city and live part of the year in Cuzco, but only in the quarter of Cuzco that corresponded to the quarter of the empire he had territory in. According to Inca legend, the city was built by sapac Inca Pachacuti, the man who transformed the Kingdom of Cuzco from a sleepy city-state into the vast empire of Tahuantinsuyu. But archaeological evidence points to a slower, more organic growth of the city beginning before Pachacuti. There was however a city plan, and two rivers were channeled around the city.
The first spaniards arrived in the city on November 15th, 1533. Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro, officially discovered Cuzco on March 23 th, 1534, naming it the "Very noble and great city of Cuzco". The many buildings constructed after the spanish conquest are of Spanish influence with a mix of Inca architecture, including the Santa Clara and San Blas barrios. The Spanish undertook the construction of a new city on the foundations of the old Inca city, replacing temples with churches and palaces with mansions for the conquerors. During the colony, the city of Cuzco was very prosperous thanks to the agriculture, cattle raising, mining as well as the trade with spain. This allowed the construction of many churches and convents, and even a Cathedral, university and an Archbishopric. Often, Spanish buildings were juxtaposed atop the massive stone walls built by the Inca.
Koricancha Sun Temple -  Cusco Peru


This depart every day at 9AM or 2PM from your hotel booking a Group Service – If you book Private Service this tour can depart any time and be more flexible according your interesting – The guided tour first includes nice walking the central exquisite architectural feats of ancient Inca temple as known as “Koricancha” now the convent Santo Domingo. Koricancha was the most important temple of the Inca Empire and it housed lot gold ornaments offering to the Gods - Then continue walking to visit the Cathedral, in which the first stone was place in 1560 by early Spanish and actually is recognize as one of the beauty religious temple in the Andes of south America - The cathedral housed hundreds of colonial paintings, including many from the Cusco school, which was prominent in the 17th century and many other expressions of art.
After two hours of walking tour in historical center of Cusco aboard the transport to drive us to the outskirts of the city to visit the magnificent Saqsayhuaman Fortress ('speckled falcon') is recognize by archaeologist as “Inca Ceremonial Center”. This enormous rock structure overlooks the city of Cusco and it is said it took over 10,000 indigenous workers for about 50 years to build it. The origins are uncertain but the fortress is generally attributed to the period of Inca Pachacutec, the man who essentially founded the Inca Empire and today every year we celebrate the famous Inti Raymi or Festival of the Sun on June 24th – Then we drive to Qenqo (‘Labyrinth or Zigzag’), this is one of the finest examples of a rock artfully carved in situ showing complex patterns of steps, seats, geometric reliefs and a puma design. It was a religious center dedicated to the adoration of the Earth - Puca Pucara (reddish place) was used as a center for military use and control, as well as a place where travelers may have lodged here with their goods and animals before entering or leaving Cusco - Tambomachay (Cave Lodging) it was built around 1500 AD and dedicated for adoration of the God of water.
After 4 hours of full guiding tour drop off at your hotel in Cusco and end of service.


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  4. Multi-day Tourist Ticket (valid for entrance to many museums and ruins in Cuzco and the Sacred Valley)

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Sacred Land Of The Incas - World Heritage Site- UNESCO

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Saqsaywaman Fortress - Cuzco Peru


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Officially known as the Boleto Turistico Unico (BTU) this ticket is valid for 10 days. It is sold at the Instituto Nacional de Cultura (INC). The ticket allows you entry to the following sites:
Cusco Cathedral
Religious Art Museum
Church of San Blas
Regional History Museum
Puca Pucara
Tambo Machay
plus a few other sites
This ticket does not include the Koricancha-Santo Domingo complex - separate entrance fee of 10 Soles (about $4 USD each one).


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