Downhill Mountain Biking To Arequipa - Full Day Adventure Trip

La Laguna de Salinas is located on the back side of Misti volcano and Pichu Pichu Mountain – From Arequipa is possible to get there by paved road toward Baños de Jesus and Chiguata (3000M) and then uphill following a dirt and bumpy road on Pichu Pichu slopes passing a peculiar Andean forest as known as Queñuales and of La Llareta (Azorella compacta) – The distance from Arequipa to Salinas salt lagoon are 68KM and driving takes around 3 hours thanks to the not good condition of the road – The road pass through Misti volcano and Pichu Pichu Mountain.
Queñuales (Polylepis)
Salinas salt lake is part of the national reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca – The 60% of the lake is located in the territory of Arequipa region and the other 40% is part of Moquegua region – The Salinas salt lake is home of many kind of birds especially during and after the raining season till June – Easily the bird watcher lover can recognize Puna, Andean and Chilean flamingos, Andean goose, Andean avocet, Tamarugo Conebill, Puna plover, Canasteros, eagle and if you are lucky is possible to see some Andean Condors flying around – Within the bosque de Queñuas or Quiwiña (Polylepis) sometime is possible to see different of sizes of hummingbirds as known as Picaflor Andino – Also are present the Andean foxes, Viscacha (Lagidium peruanum), lizard, falcons, deer, Vicuña, Llamas, Alpaca and sometimes Huanacos and Andean Puma.
La Llareta or Azorella compacta
This mountain bike trip around Salinas salt lagoon is recommend for costumers looking and interesting to capture nice photos of fauna and flora and combine a nice downhill biking from one the most interesting places located in Arequipa - According our mountain bike tour guides this trip is nicer and better than Chachani or Misti Volcano especially if you really like to do something different and recognize part of the Andes of Peru in one day trip.
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As responsible tour operator for biking tours we highly recommend checking the equipment to be used during your bike tour (helmet, bike gloves, etc.) - The most IMPORTANT thing is to check the gear quality and the frame size of the bikes according to your height for better performance during the tour. Beware of many agencies offering this service as INTERMEDIARY causing false impressions without showing you the right equipment
Bikers at Salinas lagoon


At 8AM pick up from hotel and journey in our four wheel drive approximately three hours to Salinas Lake. On the way we will go through Chiguata, located between Misti and Pichu Pichu mountains. During the trip we will enjoy the Misti geological faults, the pre-Inca terraces of Chiguata and Cachamarca sector, Queñuales forest trees and fauna. We will then cross the Simbral tunnel and enter the Reserva Nacional de Aguada Blanca y Salinas. We take in views from the back of Misti volcano, Chachani and Pichu Pichu Mountain, stopping to see the Salinas Salt Lake, Llamas, Alpacas, Vicuñas, Flamingos, etc.
Andean Pink Flamingos At 10:30AM Salinas Salt Lake is over 4400m high. You will be given an explanation of the flora and fauna of this area, a safety orientation regarding the gears and brakes of our bikes, the protective gear, and a description of the route.
Salinas Salt Flat
We begin by cycling on the side of the lagoon, on a firm road or within the lagoon on totally dry and sand covered in borate. Both courses are possible. The biking trip around the salt lake takes around 2 hours with many chances to see pink flamingos in season (January - August) and other type of birds and group of Vicuñas grazzing next of the road.
Biking Tour At Salinas Salt Lake
We'll descend 1600m from El Simbral Cross to Chiguata village on an abandoned road with a variety of flora and fauna, biking among Chiguata's terraces and Cachamarca, finishing at Infiernillo Bridge - The wildness landscape offer terrific views of the Pichu Picchu and Misti volcano making unforgettable mountain bike trip – The terrain offer great opportunity to practice some single tracks for beginners and experienced riders.
Downhill Mountain Biking Tour From Pichu Pichu Mountain
The beginners easily can follow the gravel and dusty road till to the asphalt road supported by the driver and our supporting vehicle – The experienced biker looking for single tracks can follow the tour guide to get more adventure/fun under their own responsibility in case occur some accident with the bike and himself – The single track is very narrow, steep and slippery demanding all participants to have enough experience to do all the way down.
At Puente Infiernillo you can decide to continue uphill and then downhill biking on paved road to enter Arequipa – This ride takes around 40min more and then we put the bikes in our supporting vehicle and drop off in your hotel in Arequipa and end of the service around 5PM.
Downhill Mountain Bike Tour Peru


  1. Official English-Speaking guide
  2. 4x4 supporting truck
  3. GT - TREK - BIANCHI MT bikes in maintenance (full disc brakes)
  4. Helmet; light ventilated and comfortable for your head
  5. Gloves; windproof and full-finger glove which can also be worn during the cold season or high altitudes
  6. Entrance to the National reserve
  7. Rapair kit and new parts
  8. Oxygen bottle and first aid kit for every participant and our camp staff

If this is your first time going to the Andes or High Mountains we recommend getting information about the ALTITUDE SICKNESS, see below some websites recommend by High Mountain doctors and scientists from over the world.
ISMM – International Society For Mountain Medicine
MEDEX – Medical Expeditions

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Any day
(April - November)

Downhill Mountain Biking To Arequipa
Full Day Adventure Trip

Backpacker Service (public bus)
1 to more paticipants $125 USD each

Private Service (Private 4x4/Guide)
2 participants $185 USD each
3-4 paticipants $145 USD each
5 to more participants $130 USD each
Discount: $5 USD of discount for South American Explorers Club Members
Discount 3%: Tour Operators or Travel Agencies Only
Students: $5 USD of discount only with valid green ISIC card
Organized Groups: We offer private service and departures any time
Group size: 6 bikers per each 4x4 and tour guide - We need two participants to develop this tour.
BOOK HERE: We highly recommended to book space prior you arrive to Arequipa - Take private service.
All prices stated above are subject to change.
Exchange rate $1 USD = S/. 3.02 (rate may vary daily).
Mountain Biking Tour Arequipa


  1. Alcoholic drinks
  2. Breakfast or lunch
  3. Tip for guide and camp staff
  4. Sun glasses
  5. Hotel in Arequipa
  6. Binoculares
  7. Cycling shoes


December to March. Some days blue sky with good conditions to cycle.


Dry season, on the rain season same days are with good weather (blue sky) permiting to cycle this zone. Before to book your tour please see the weather report.


Normal physical conditions and good quality winter clothes, for aclimatization is better to spend one day in Arequipa. One day before all the bikers will have meeting with the mountain bike guide at our office or in the hotel, who will give a BRIEFING about this bike trip and also you can check the quality of bikes and gear will be used on this trip.


  1. Small backpack
  2. Rain jacket or poncho (December - April)
  3. Tennis shoes
  4. Bottle of water
  5. Hat or cap to protect you from the sun
  6. Sun block (sun protection cream)
  7. Insect repellent
  8. Selection of small snacks, chocolate, dried fruit, biscuits etc,
  9. Camera, plenty of film and spare batteries
  10. Sunglasses
  11. Extra money (soles).
For more information about the tour or you request a new date to departure for this tour, please contact us....

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