TOUR TO SALINAS SALT LAKE $98 USD Per Person - Private Service

6 Hours Of Visit The Home Of Flamingos (Jan to June)

La Laguna de Salinas (4300M) is located on the back side of Misti volcano and Pichu Pichu Mountain – From Arequipa is possible to get there by paved road toward Baños de Jesus and Chiguata (3000M) and then uphill following a dirt and bumpy road on Pichu Pichu slopes passing a peculiar Andean forest as known as Queñuales and of La Llareta (Azorella compacta) – The distance from Arequipa to Salinas salt lagoon are 68KM and driving takes around 3 hours thanks to the not good condition of the road – The road pass through Misti volcano and Pichu Pichu Mountain.
Salinas salt lake is part of the national reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca – The 60% of the lake is located in the territory of Arequipa region and the other 40% is part of Moquegua region – The Salinas salt lake is home of many kind of birds especially during and after the raining season till June – Easily the bird watcher lover can recognize Puna, Andean and Chilean flamingos, Andean goose, Andean avocet, Tamarugo Conebill, Puna plover, Canasteros, eagle and if you are lucky is possible to see some Andean Condors flying around – Within the bosque de Queñuas or Quiwiña (Polylepis) sometime is possible to see different of sizes of hummingbirds as known as Picaflor Andino – Also are present the Andean foxes, Viscacha (Lagidium peruanum), lizard, falcons, deer, Vicuña, Llamas, Alpaca and sometimes Huanacos and Andean Puma.
Vicuñas In Lagunas De Salinas
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The trip begins at 6AM from customers hotel - The travel from Arequipa takes up to Salinas lagoon takes around 2½ hours following a bumpy and dusty road - The scenery includes nice view of the southeast wall of Volcan Misti and countryside of Chiguata village surrounding with lot Pre-Incan terraces - Along the way we pass different ecological floors, amazing flora and fauna as Giant Humminbird, Falcon, Andean Eagle, Condors and others species - The trip go up to 4300M of altitude and might the travelers are going to feel the high sickness but do not worry because the private transport have medical oxygen in case someone needs.
Salinas Salt Lake
Finally arrive to Laguna Salinas, this place show us impressive around scenery - We drive around the lagoon to take advantage of different view of the lagoon - Nice panorama of the backside of Volcan Misti, of Pichu Pichu Mount and of course spectacular view of Volcan Ubinas, one of the most active volcano of Peru - Time to recognize and pictures of Flamingos and other Andean wildlife - A short walking around the lagoon looking for more highlights - After 1½ hour as maximum time in this amazing and peaceful place we return to Arequipa driving on same road - You will be drop off at your hotel around midday (12PM) and end of service.
Laguna Salinas


  1. English-Speaking tour guide
  2. Private transport from/to Arequipa
  3. Snack (chocolates, cookies, fresh fruit, etc)
  4. Plenty of drinking water during the tour
  5. Binoculars for watching different Andean birds (uder request only)
  6. Medical oxygen and first aid kit
  7. All prices stated below are subject to change

If this is your first time going to the Andes or High Mountains we recommend getting information about the ALTITUDE SICKNESS, see below some websites recommend by High Mountain doctors and scientists from over the world.
ISMM – International Society For Mountain Medicine
MEDEX – Medical Expeditions

The best time to watch the Flamencos at this lake is from January to June. The rest of the year this lagoon is completely dry covered with Borato until next raining season.
La Laguna de Salinas is considered by bird watching lover as a good place to see Andean water birds as: Jamesi Flamingos - Andean Flamingos - Chilean Flamingos

TOUR TO SALINAS SALT LAKE $98 USD Per Person - Private Service

Wild Life Of National Reserve Of Aguas Blanca And Salinas - Full Day Guided Trip
Backpacker Service (public bus)
Not available

Private Service (Private 4x4/Guide)
2 participants $98 USD each
3-4 paticipants $85 USD each
5 to more participants $75 USD each
Discount: $5 USD of discount for South American Explorers Club Members
Discount 3%: Tour Operators or Travel Agencies Only
Students: $5 USD of discount only with valid green ISIC card
Organized Groups: We offer private service and departures any time
Group size: 6 bikers per each 4x4 and tour guide - We need minimum tow participants to develop this trip.
BOOK HERE: We highly recommended to book space prior you arrive to Arequipa - Take Private Service.


  1. Travel insurance
  2. Hotel in Arequipa
  3. Soft and alcoholic drinks
  4. Trekking time
  5. Breakfast or lunch
  6. Tip for guide and camp staff


  1. Rain/wind jacket or poncho (plastic ponchos can be purchased in Cusco/Peru)
  2. Strong comfortable and waterproof footwear
  3. Sweater and jacket (something warm)
  4. Water bottle
  5. Hat or cap to protect you from the sun
  6. Sun block (sun protection cream)
  7. Toiletries, towel and toilet paper
  8. Selection of small snacks, chocolate, dried fruit, biscuits, etc
  9. Camera, plenty of film and spare batteries
  10. Sunglasses
  11. Optional: walking sticks or poles.


This trip is available everyday with private transport and tour guide - The time to stay up there will be not more than 2 hours to watch the flamingos from January until June if the lagoon full of water - During dry season the lagoon is completely white thanks to flats of salt making impossible to watch Flamingos - Of course around the lagoon are other Fauna as lot Alpacas, Llamas, Vicuñas, Falcons, Eagles, Foxes Giant Hummingbird, and luckily you can see Andean Condor on the way down to Arequipa.

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