Colca Canyon - Colca River - Colca Valley Tour To See The Wonders Of The Volcanic Lands

The Colca Canyon is located on the southern Peru in the Andes mountain range exist the second deepest canyon in the world, It is more than twice as deep as the Apurimac Canyon (Peru) and the Grand Canyon in the United States, the canyon's walls are not as vertical as those of the Grand Canyon. The Colca River birth in the Andes between Condoroma and Crucero Alto (above 4500-5000M), drops the water down to Pacific Ocean, this river have 4 names as Colca River, Andamayo River, Majes River and finally Camana River. The Colca Canyon register hard rain during December to April and the rest of the year is dry, sunny and cold weather.
The deepest part of the Colca Canyon is register between Ampato Mountain (6310M) and Coropuna snow-capped (6377M), on the left bank of the canyon exist a small town named Huambo and straight down of this town is located Cancco Valley (1720M) which is the greatest deep point that reaches a depth of 4590 meters.
The name Colca refers to small holes in the cliffs in the valley and canyon. These holes were used in Inca and pre-Inca times to store food, such as potatoes and other Andean crops. They were also used as tombs for important people.
The geography of the Colca Canyon are habitable, and Inca and pre-Inca terraces are still cultivated along the less precipitous canyon walls; they build stepped terraces to cultivate the ancestral potatoes, maize and other products of this region. The Colca Valley is a wonderful and colorful Andean valley with many small and remotes towns on the both side of the Canyon founded by Spanish conquers. The Spanish introduce and change many ancestral traditions as the religion. The Colca Valley keeps many colonial richest churches in all Arequipa regions.
The canyon is home of the Andean Condor (Vultur Gryphus), they are can be seen at fairly close range as they fly through the precipices. The Condor is the main tourist attraction and can be seen at "Cruz Del Condor", is a popular tourist stop, the pass where the Condors soar gracefully on the rising thermals occurring as the air warms.
The Colca Canyon is the main tourist attraction in Arequipa, the Colca Valley can be visit directly from Arequipa, from Cusco by 4WD or from Puno (Lake Titicaca) by private van. The Colca Canyon geography offer great terrain to practice outdoor activities such as Trekking Tours, Climbing Tours, Horse Tours, Mountain Bike, River Rafting, Camping, Bird Watching combining with relaxing visit to the numerous thermal baths and staying in charm and comfortable hotels along the Colca Canyon.
PERU ADVENTURE TOURS organize daily visit to the Colca Canyon, with experience driver and official accredited tour guides and including good food, entrance to the park and the best hotels to stay in the second deepest canyon in the world.
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Peru Tourist Van
Our company operates this tour since 2007 and currently there are many intermediary agencies and hotels that have copied our itinerary and surprise travelers with false title of "tour operator". PERU ADVENTURE TOURS is not responsible for any confusion/scam that may cause you as intermediary offices (more than 9 agencies online) - We recommended to take your PRECAUTIONS booking a tour with AUTHORIZED & RELIABLE tour operator and help to practice a good tourist culture for the sake of your satisfaction and safety during your trip.



Between 3AM and 3:30AM you will be picking up from your hotel by tour guide (Group Service) - This tour begins with directly travel to the first and most important town in the Colca valley, the travel takes 3H30Min. following an asphalt road over the Altiplano landscapes towards Chivay (3600M).
For customers booking PRIVATE SERVICE ONLY is possible to leaves from Arequipa little earlier or later - In both situation you will take advantage of time to see and enjoy much more the canyon thanks to private driver and tour guide (rec).
Around 6:45AM you will be in Chivay, this is an inter-Andean town located on the left bank of the canyon surrounded by agriculture fields and huge snow-peaks.
Continue traveling with some stops for picture according the tour guide recommendations, you will see thousands of agriculture terraced date from Inca and pre Inca times, build over cliff. Along the way you will get off the transport for more contact with local people and feeling the pure nature of the Colca Canyon.
At 8:30AM arrive to the most important point of the Colca Canyon, this is the condor cross lookout. Plenty time to wait and see the mighty Andean Condor (Vulture Gryphus). Those birds normally fly around the Cruz Del Condor and you can get the best pictures of impressive walls and deep remote towns located inside the canyon.
For customers booking PRIVATE SERVICE ONLY is available a nice and comfort hike along the canyon for about two hours going to visit other lookout as known as Mirador De Tapay (rec) - We recommend this short trek along canyon because you will get more chance to watch Andean Condors and other birds flying around (rec).
Andean Condor In The Colca Canyon
After we decide to return driving Chivay, along the way we stop at viewpoint to see the carved rock, it was model where the ancient architectures testing which part of the terrain was appropriate to build the terraces in the other site of the canyon. Continue going will stop next of huge cliff where is possible to see hanging tombs on the volcanic hillsides.
You will arrive to Maca where is possible to observe nice colonial church from XVI century, next of this town is possible to see people from these regions dedicated life solely to work the terraces, therefore you will see many fields full of crops as corn, amaranth, kiwicha, potatoes, corn and more native product of Peru.
Driving along the canyon you will see the great Colca River and small communities located on both bank of the canyon.
At 12PM we will arrive to the hot spring of La Calera, located on the head of Chivay town, you can enjoy the thermo medicinal and outdoor pools with are 45º Celsius, we will stay 1 hour in this place.
Flamingos on the Altiplano of Peru
After relaxing swim in the thermal pools we will drive to the town of Chivay (3600M) to have lunch (excluded), we recommend to taste the local cuisine made with Andes recipes - After lunch you will have free time to explore little big the town and the handicraft market.
At 2PM we aboard the private transport and drive uphill following the paved road to the highest point between the Colca Canyon and Arequipa. We stop at Patapampa (4850m) as known the Andean lookout where you can see the volcanic range of the south of Peru, snow-capped as Ampato where the ice maiden "Juanita" was founded in 1995 near of the summit. We drive downhill to Toqra Pampa and stop near of small lagoons to watch Andean birds as Caracara, Andean goose, Pink flamingos, ducks, ibis and etc.
We continue driving through the Altiplano and getting off from the transport and you will appreciate very closer the Andean camels as known Llamas and Alpacas grassing the Andean grass named Ichu. The last stop on this tour will in the National Reserve of Aguada Blanca and Salinas, where you will be lucky to see the Vicuñas (Vicugna) running on this high plateaus on the back side of ChachanI snow-capped and Misti Volcano. The Vicuñas are protected and wild animals living above 3800m, sometimes is possible to observe the Andean deer running on the slopes of Chachani snow-capped.
Around 5PM or 6PM arrive to your hotel in Arequipa (Downtown location only) and end of service - Transfer to airport, to bu station or hotels located outside of downtown are not included.
Church In The Colca Canyon


  1. Pick up from your hotel in Arequipa
  2. English-Speaking tour guide
  3. Private tourist transport up to 6 people (Private Service only)
  4. Shared transport up to 28 people (Group Service only)
  5. Tourist ticket of 70 soles or $25 US Dollars per person (Obligatory). This is the unique entrance to the Colca national park even if you don't stop at "Mirador Cruz Del Condor" (take care not many tour operators don't include this tourist ticket), the entrance is valid to visit all the canyon but not valid for hot springs along the canyon
  6. 1 breakfast in Chivay will be served for Group Service - For PRIVATE SERVICE only the breakfast will be served next to Mirador Cruz Del Condor, where there is a nice place with all facilities and spectacular mountain views of the canyon and luckily you will watch the flight of the Condor through the windows.
  7. 2 hours of trekking along the canyon (Optional - Private Service only)
  8. Drop-off at customer hotel in Arequipa or in the airport/bus station of Arequipa (Private Service only)
  9. Medicinal oxygen and first aid kit for all participants and our camp staff

If this is your first time going to the Andes or High Mountains we recommend getting information about the ALTITUDE SICKNESS, see below some websites recommend by High Mountain doctors and scientists from over the world.
ISMM – International Society For Mountain Medicine
MEDEX – Medical Expeditions


If you plan to continue your travel to Puno instead to return to Arequipa easily you can continue to Puno (lake Titicaca) taking additional semi private bus transfer for $50 USD each - We have depart at 1:30PM from Chivay and arrive to Puno around 7PM and you will be drop off in the main square of Puno (central plaza) - This semi private bus transfer includes 3 stops ONLY to use toilet and visit 2 tourist attractions along the way (Mirador De Los Andes and Mirador De Lagunillas) - The tickets for the seats need to be purchased at booking time of this tour to Colca canyon - We cannot guarantee any last moment bookings if you want to find available seats from Chivay to Puno.

AVAILABLE PRIVATE TRANSPORT FROM COLCA CANYON TO PUNO FOR $350 USD - Include a van up to 6 people capacity, pick up in Chivay, drop-off at hotel in Puno, fuel, driver service , roll tax, and 5 stops along the way (highlights & toilet).

Daily departures


Colca Canyon - Colca River - Colca Valley Tour To See The Wonders Of The Volcanic Lands

Backpacker Service
1 to more paticipants $69 USD each

Private Service (Private van/Guide)
2 participants $170 USD each
3-4 paticipants $145 USD each
5 to more participants $95 USD each
Discount: $5 USD for South American Explorers Club Members
Discount 3%: Tour Operators or Travel Agencies Only
Students: $5 USD of discount only with valid green ISIC card
All prices stated above are subject to change
Organized Groups: We offer private and any time departure
Group Service size: Up to 19 people per tour guide
BOOK HERE: We highly recommended to book space prior you arrive to Peru


  1. Travel insurance
  2. Soft and alcoholic drinks - Customers under effect of alcohol or other drugs are prohibited to join this trip without money refund
  3. Hotel in Arequipa or Puno
  4. Lunch in Chivay - we really recommend to taste the local food
  5. Tip for guide and camp staff
  6. No mentioned tours
  7. Transfer to airport or bus station at the end of the trip
  8. Entrance to the hot spring in Chivay S/.15 soles per person (about $5 USD each)
  9. Drop off at the airport of bus station in Arequipa


  1. Small backpack 40lt
  2. Rain jacket or poncho (December to April)
  3. Strong comfortable and waterproof footwear
  4. One complete change of clothing
  5. Sweater and jacket (something warm)
  6. Bottle of water
  7. Flashlight and batteries
  8. Hat or cap to protect you from the sun
  9. Sun block (sun protection cream)
  10. Insect repellent
  11. Selection of small snacks, chocolate, dried fruit, biscuits, etc
  12. Camera, plenty of film and spare batteries
  13. Sunglasses
  14. Swimsuit for the hot spring
  15. Optional walking sticks or poles


The hot spring complex is open since 5AM to 7PM - People booking the PRIVATE SERVICE only have enough time to visit and enjoy the thermal pools around 11:30AM until lunch time (1PM) this thanks to their private transport and tour guide.
Costumers booking GROUP SERVICE are subject to the decision of entire group and ONLY if time permit they can visit and enjoy the hot spring for less than one hour.
In both cases EVERYONE need to paid $5 USD or 15 soles as entrance to the thermal pools (40°C)- The admission cost don't includes towels but you can use the showers, toilet and arrange 30 minutes of massage session for $15 USD or 45 soles.


Private Service for organized groups or families is available every day from hotels, bus stop or from airport of Arequipa. We really recommend booking Private Service and get more time for trekking along the canyon (2 hours maximum) - Having this service the tour can be more flexible to enjoy the canyon as visit to the thermal pools of La Calera or ADD some Zip-Lining adventure over Colca River and spend more time according your interesting.

IMPORTANT FOR GROUP SERVICE (Up to 28 participants)

Costumers booking GROUP SERVICE ONLY are subject to any changes or trip cancellation in case the tour company cannot find more people for this tour - The GROUP SERVICE requires minimum 4 participants otherwise the trip will be suspended or postponed to next day departure and you will get a notification by e-mail to each costumer 2 or 1 day before the reserved date - This tour can be reserve directly in our local office but only if there are other participants otherwise will be not possible - We recommend you to send an email or call us before you arrive to Arequipa to warn us about your interest to book this tour and we will secure the places for you or open a new group.


The tour is available every day from Arequipa at 3AM - Last moment booking can be arrange in our office of Arequipa one day in advance for Group/Private Service but these services will be available ONLY if we have spaces in our transport or if our transport and tour guide are available for private service.
We really recommend to book this tour in advance through our booking form and secure your place with a first deposit via PayPal - The final balance of the trip has to be paid in our office of Arequipa ONE day prior the trip - The booking form and payment instruction will be sent to you via email under request ONLY.

This trip is considered as the longest day trip and we recommend to be ready for hours of seating in the bus - For customers booking GROUP SERVICE there is not way to change the itinerary or accept other request from the participants, we recommend to take your precautions in case you have bus/plane tickets, etc - The logistic of the itinerary is based on time for highlights, for hot spring (if time permit), for breakfast/lunch, and stop to use toilet.
Each participant is resposible for their belongings, please check your personal items each time you leave the bus/restaurant/rooms or from other places - Our tour company is not responsible in case you loose/forget any personal items in any situation.

Before you book this tour have a look the TERMS & CONDITIONS of our company.
If you are looking to hire private car, this is available everyday but need advance reservation by email ( - If you hire a private car/transport you need book your accommodation in Chivay, Yanque or Cabanaconde and then you will be drop-off there at the end of the service - Also you can get more time for outdoor activities as trekking, biking or horseback riding. Find below price for different routes hiring private car UP TO 4 PEOPLE plus place for luggages:

Arequipa/Chivay/Yanque/Coporaque/Colca Lodge/Aranwa (with stops) $265 USD
Arequipa/Chivay/Cabanaconde (with stops) $295 USD
Arequipa/Chivay/Cruz Del Condor/Arequipa (1 Day with stops) $270 USD
Arequipa/Chivay/Cruz Del Condor/ Puno (1 Day with stops) $455 USD
Arequipa/Chivay/Cruz Del Condor/Cabanaconde/Arequipa (2 Day with stops) $350 USD
Arequipa/Chivay/Cruz Del Condor/Cabanaconde/Puno (2 Day with stops) $560 USD
Chivay/Mirador Cruz Del Condor/Cabanaconde/Chivay (6hrs with stops) $120 USD
Chivay/Arequipa (4hrs) $220 USD
Chivay/Puno (7 hrs with stops) $350 USD
Chivay/Espinar/Sicuani/Cusco or vice-versa (10hrs with stops) $690 USD

Each service need to be booked in advance through our booking form and with a deposit of $70 USD as first payment via PayPal - Each hiring prices includes driver service (Spanish-Speaking), fuel, road tax, food and lodging for the driver, pick up from bus stop or airport of Arequipa, drop off at your hotel or airport of Arequipa/Juliaca (Puno).

EXCLUDED: Entrance to Colca Canyon (70 soles each), Entrance to hot spring (15 soles each), Accommodation in the canyon/Arequpa/Puno/Cusco, Customer food and drinks, and tipping.

For more information about the tour or you request a new date to departure for this tour, please contact us....
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