ATV TOUR IN AREQUIPA $205 USD Per Person - Group Service

Drive The Best Available ATV's - Full Day Guided Tour

Full Day Guided Off Road ATV Quad Adventure in Arequipa is the perfect quick getaway from Arequipa.
This is truly exciting ATV tour through countryside and mountains around Arequipa, the amazing views of the top of the mountains and pure nature sightings will make this adventure unbelievable.
This tour is considerate one of the most amazing because combine dry terrain, up hills, down hills, spectacular views of the volcanic range as Misti, Picchu Picchu and Chachani volcano, crossing rivers, through canyons and lots Pre-Inca terraces.
This tour begin at PERU ADVENTURE TOURS station (2600m) and goes up to high altitudes (3600m) from where the Quad Bike lovers will get the best view of Arequipa landscapes.
Your tour will be conducted with experienced bilingual speaking guides (Spanish-English). This tour is designed for beginners, families and expert extreme ATV lovers. PERU ADVENTURE TOURS is currently the only ATV operator in Arequipa Peru, with Adventure License provided by local government to operate this region.
For more information about safety talking, what to bring on this tour click on the link below FAQ OF ATV/QUAD BIKE TOUR.
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Off Road Quad Biking Tour In Peru


At 8AM is the meeting in our local office of Arequipa with the participants and the tour guide, then transfer to our ATV base located 40 minutes drivingout of Arequipa.
The safety talking about the All Terrain Vehicles (ATV), test of equipment as helmets, gloves, mountain bike knee pads and mountain bike elbow pads. The safety talking also include some trick to drive the machines, brake system and the plenty recommendation to get safe and adventurous tour.
The tour begins driving on pay road between Characato to Mollebaya district (2600m), this first part is flat paved road with minimum traffic and lot of agriculture fields.
From Mollebaya start the adventure driving on dirt and serpentine road climbing up to 3800m seeing amazing landscape of the countryside of Arequipa, the uphill drive includes some stop along the way to get spectacular view of the volcanic range of Arequipa. The view of Chachani, Misti and Picchu Picchu volcanoes makes so nice this tour, especially the contrast of the view of Arequipa city and the high mountains.
Continue driving you will arrive to the plateau located on the highest part of this circuit as known Molinuyoc. There will be available small hills of sand and volcanic ash. The ATV lowers will like this place because are some natural ramps to jump or to make trick on the quad bike.
Offroad Quad Bike Tour Around Peru - Peru Offroad ATV Trips
Around 11AM we left behind the plateau zone and downhill drive along the dirt road to Polobaya, this is completely fully surrounding with agriculture pre- Inca terraces, and little canyon. Polobaya is a picturesque little town with friendly local people. Drive along the country seeing this amazing zone.
Break next of the river to have picnic and free time for rest and if time short trek to visit the waterfall of Polobaya.
At 1PM continue exploring the volcanic land, drive on unpaved and dusty road from the east to the west, after one hour of drive we will find the paved road and downhill to Sogay valley. Sogay is another little town located next of the river as known with the same name.
From Sogay we will take alternative unpaved road along the countryside and crossing little river. This one of the best part to drive until Quequeña, where we will stop at the colonial main square with nice gardens and palm trees. The tour guide will explain about the history and local costume of the local people and their daily activities.
From Quequeña we will continue driving about 2 hours more to on dusty road and finally paved road to Characato. On this part of the trip you will able to see how the local people live on extreme conditions with facilities.
Around 4 or 5PM arrive to PERU ADVENTURE TOURS station, facilities to change your clothes and then transfer to your hotel in Arequipa.
Uphill ATV Driving Tour


  1. Bilingual speaking tour guide (Spanish - English).
  2. Private supporting vehicle (Private Service only).
  3. Personal ATV-Quad Bikes - Easy to operate (Honda Foreman/Rancher)
  4. Helmet - gloves - goggles - knee and elbow pads are obligatory to use.
  5. Enjoy snack and drinks included.
  6. 1 lunch in a countryside restaurant where you can taste typical food of Arequipa cuisine (Private Service only).
  7. Available repair kit.
  8. All prices stated above are subject to change.

If this is your first time going to the Andes or High Mountains we recommend getting information about the ALTITUDE SICKNESS, see below some websites recommend by High Mountain doctors and scientists from over the world.
ISMM – International Society For Mountain Medicine
MEDEX – Medical Expeditions

Any day
Daily tour
ATV TOUR IN AREQUIPA $205 USD Per Person - Group Service

Drive The Best Available ATV's - Full Day Guided Tour
Backpacker Service (Join group)
1 to more paticipants $205 USD each one

Private Service (Private 4x4 & guide)
2 participants $285 USD each one
3-4 participants $245 USD each one
5 to more participants $210 USD each one
Discount: $5 USD of discount for South American Explorers Club Members
Discount 3%: Tour Operators or Travel Agencies Only
Students: $5 USD discount only with valid green ISIC card
Organized Groups: We offer private service and any time/day according request
Group size: Small groups for more personal and fun experience.
BOOK HERE: We higly recommend to book this ATV tour in advance, before you arrive to Peru.- Take private VIP service, is the best way to enjoy this ATV tour.
Quad Adventure Tours In Peru


  1. Hotel in Arequipa
  2. Flight tickets and airport tax.
  3. Taxi service, etc.
  4. Travel & accident insurance.


Normally rains between December to March, but some days are with blue making more interesting the quad biking tour in the countryside of Arequipa. THe best season to do this tour is during and after the rain season when the mountain looks white and contrasting with the green plants and flowers on the hills. It makes more interesting for the picture lovers.
The sunny season is between April to November when the mountain lose snow and the lowlands looks more dry and the only contrast will be between the hills and the pre-Inca terraces where you will drive our Quad Bikes.


This outdoor activity don't demand to be fit to learn or makes long drives. You just need to be available to support the sunny days, the dirt and dusty road especially during the dry season (April to November).
PERU ADVENTURE TOURS guides really recommend you bring normal lents and not contact lent because will be so dusty and this can makes hard your eyes. Also is recommend to bring extra change clothes in case you get weat or dusty after the tour. PERU ADVENTURE TOURS will provide you hot shower in case you will need before to reurn to Arequipa or you plan to take night bus to somewhere in Peru. Don't forget to bring your towel if you plan to get shower after the tour.


  1. Small backpack.
  2. Rain jacket or poncho (December - April).
  3. Tennis shoes.
  4. One complete change of clothing to be used after the tour.
  5. Bottle of water.
  6. Hat or cap to protect you from the sun.
  7. Sun block (sun protection cream).
  8. Selection of small snacks, chocolate, dried fruit, biscuits etc,
  9. Camera, plenty of film and spare batteries.
  10. Sunglasses.
  11. Towel and sandals if you plan to get shower after the dusty ride.


1 - The tour company reserves the right to refuse anyone that does not show experience or skill and many suspend any drivers that are causing or do not follow the guide’s instructions.
2 - Children under 6 years old are not allowed.
3 - This tour is not for people with back problems or pregnant woman.
4 - We refuge people under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
5 - Always we recommend that all tour participants be careful and follow instructions given by the guides.
6 - Driver must be at least 16 years old.
7 - Driver must have valid ID.
8 - $400 USD of security deposit has to be done in our office of Arequipa just before to begin the trip.
9 - The use of helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and gloves are obligatory to use during driving time.
10 - All Quad/ATV riders need to sign up the risk contract before to go on the tour.
11 - Any personal accident or damage to our vehicle during the trip will be under responsability of the participant.

For more information about the tour or you request a new date to departure for this tour, please contact us....
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