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July 29, 2007
Hi Saul
We had a great tour! Loved the hike and the sandboarding, and the generosity of the guide to lug our boards up there for us. : ) A great way to end a trip to Peru. : )
Sally Allred Locket
United Stated


The Highest Sand Dune In The World - A Full Day Adrenaline

Peru is a paradise for many small, medium size and huge hill of sand dunes located near of the beaches, near of deep coastal valleys and in the middle of long deserts between the coastline and the highlands – The accumulation or formations of sand dunes is thanks to the speed winds from the west to the east – They form from windblown sand that is initially deposited against an obstructions as bush, huge amount of rock or steep hills – As more sand particles are deposited the dunes grow in size forming rows at right angles to the prevailing wind direction or sand quantity such as Cerro Blanco sand dune (2070m) located in Nasca, Peru.
All the Sand dunes in the world are important ecosystems supporting many populations of rare animals, insects and plants – Peru have picturesque dunes with sky of blue or a full moon, with perfectly contoured shadows of ripples and undulating crests making nicer and amazing sunrise or sunset from summit of the sand dune. Cerro Blanco is the considered the highest sand dune in the world and the favorite for experienced sand boarders to enjoy and flying down – The Sandboard tour don’t require be experience or gloves, scarf or other special equipment.
Peru Adventure Tours is the pioneer tour operator organizing Sandboarding in Cerro Blanco sand dune since 1995 making us very experienced bringing tourists to discover the tallest dune in Peru.
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Sandboarder Peru


At 5AM pick up from your hotel in Nasca and transfer in private transport to the base of the biggest sand dune in the world. It is located on the route to Cusco, at the beginning of the highland mountains. In ancient Quechua language Yuraq Orjo means White Mountain and in Spanish means Cerro Blanco (2070m). After one hour driving we reach the closest point to the dunes available via vehicle. From here we start climb up 3 hours, carrying our boards, energy bars, lots of sun block and enough water for drink on the way up to the top. Ancients of Nasca culture considered this a sacred place and made ornament offerings to this sand dune. The highest temperature on the day is 25ºC/28ºC between 9am to 2PM.
At 10AM we arrive at the summit where it is dry, hot, windy and sandy, but offers spectacular views from this white mountain, covering the green Nasca valley. Here we rest, snack and are given Sandboarding instructions. You can practice on the small dune trying several techniques of the board until we are ready to go Sandboarding on the main dune.
Sandboard Gear
At 11AM time for best part of this trip!!! Time to feel the Cerro Blanco dune adrenaline in our blood. Which way first? How long I will be Sandboarding? How I will take pictures? These are just some of the regular questions asked… Do you want to know more? We can't describe exactly how it feels, you need to get your own sandy experience on the highest sand dune in the world... Come on!!!
At 12PM one hour later some people may still be on their way down after many amazing falls… We wait and then back to Nasca.
At 1PM can enjoy lovely swimming pool and lunch at best restaurant and end of service.

IMPORTANT: If you like to do this adventure tour you must need to be in Nasca - We recommend to expend the nigh before in a hotel in Nasca and begin the trip next day until 7AM (Private Service only).
From Lima to Nasca takes around 6 hours by bus.
From Cusco to Nasca travel by overnight bus (14 hrs).
From Arequipa to Nasca also you can travel taking overnight (9 hrs).
Don't exist regular flights from/to Nasca.


  1. Professional English-Speaking tour guide
  2. Private transfer by van from Nazca to the trailhead
  3. Boards according height of each participants
  4. Porter to carry the board (Private Service only)
  5. Snack as driking water and fresh fruit
  6. Snack (fresh fruit, bottle of drinking water and energy bars)
Any day from Nasca

The Highest Sand Dune In The World
Backpacker Service (Join group)
1 to more participants $95 USD each one

Private Service (Private guide/van)
2 participants $165 USDeach one
3-4 participants $140 USD each one
5 to more participants $118 USD each one
DISCOUNT FOR INTERMEDIRIES $5 USD for Tour Operators or Travel Agencies Only
DISCOUNT FOR STUDENTS $5 USD discount only with valid green ISIC card
Organized Groups: We offer private and any time departure with previous coordination
Group size: 6 participants per guide
BOOK HERE: We highly recommend make reservation prior you arrive to Peru
All prices stated above are subject to change.
Exchange rate $1 USD = S/. 3.02 (rate may vary daily).

Sorry, we don't rent our Sand Buggies (4WD)


  1. Travel insurance
  2. Soft and alcoholic drinks
  3. Hotel in Nasca
  4. Tips for guide and camp staff
  5. Breakfast, we recommend to buy some food the day before to depart because many of hotel don't have breakfast till 7am
  6. Backpacker service don't include personal porter to carry your boards or gear (porter can be hired for $55 USD per day)

    1. Small Backpack (30Lt)
    2. Trekking boots will be better also you can take tennis shoes
    3. Sunglasses
    4. Wind jacket for the beginning
    5. Water bottle 3Lt minimum
    6. Hat or cap to protect you from the sun
    7. Sun block (sun protection cream)
    8. Sun block to protect you from the sun (factor 30 minimum)
    9. Selection of small snacks, chocolate, dried fruit, biscuits, etc
    10. Camera, plenty of film and spare batteries
    11. Optional: walking sticks or poles


    To practice Sandboarding/Sand ski or sand sleds we provide a wood boards design and make by our company – The boards are appropriate to fast downhill on soft and hot surface and the speed depends of the inclination of the Sandhill’s and how much wax you use on the board – As any adventure outdoor activities this also demand good exercise on the way up to summit of the dunes even if this is smaller/taller to enjoy a nice downhill – Usually on the desert the temperature is high than 28°C and we recommend to bring good gear prevent sunburn and of course always water to rehydrate the body. The Snowboards and Skis do not work on dry surface - If you have experience as Snowboarder/skier of course will be more easy to slide down and practice fun tricks on board on the way down.
    In Peru there are many sand dunes to practice Sandboarding – Mostly of them are located along the coast line from Tumbes to Tacna, next of the valleys, in the depth of the desert, close to the beaches or oasis – For responsible practice of Sandboarding in a vast region of dunes is recommended to be led by a local guide and not get lost in the desert even if you are a good hiker. For important information about how to practice this challenge sport CLICK HERE...


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    IMPORTANTE: Before you book this tour and arrange the first payment of this tour read our TERMS & CONDITIONS
    .Sandboard Equipment


    The weather around the Cerro Blanco Dune (2070M) usually is sunny and hot up to 35°C on the bottom of the valley – The surface is very dry and soft making hard the way up to the summit if you don’t follow the correct path – Sometimes between February and April are some rain showers on the dune but not every day or all day and this natural fenomeno change the color of the base of the dune (gray to green) and appear pretty strange flowers and cactuses making nicer visit this amazing dune.
    For more information about the weather report CLICK HERE…

    For more information about the tour or you request a new date to departure for this tour, please contact us....
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