Full Day Guided Tour To Tipon, Pikillaqta/Rumicolca, Andahualillas Sistine Chapel And Raqchi Archaeological Site

Thanks to Vilcanota River is formed the south valley of Cusco where we organize daily tours to recognize pre-Columbian ruins and Sistine Chapel of Latin America as known as Andahuaylillas - The Southern Valley is an undervalued tourist attraction in Cusco, with remains of the Wari culture, colonial churches and beautiful Andean villages in amazing landscapes.
The full day trip includes visit fine architecture of Inca structures of Tipon located 28KM east of Cusco, contains exceptional terracing and very ingenious irrigation system well preserved. The site was used as agriculture laboratory thanks to various micro-climates found within the complex.
Pillaqta & Rumicolca are the mayor pre-Inca ruin build in the area (around AD 1100) by another building culture as known as Wari. The evidences say this was one of the most important administrative and large religious centers of Wari civilization. This important archaeological site is located 31KM in the southeast of Cusco surrounded by mountains and nice view of the lake.
Another impressive built complex is Raqchi as known as “The temple of Apu Kontiti Wiracocha god” to honor an invisible Andean deity, one of the holiest shrines in the Inca Empire. Twenty two columns made of stone blocks helped support the largest and prominent rectangular two-story roofed structure that measures 92 meters (302 feet) by 25.5 meters (84 feet). The surrounding village is known for its ceramics.
The tour itinerary includes visiting the Sistine chapel of Latin America as known as Andahuaylillas. This Sistine chapel is located 46KM south of Cusco near of Urcos village. To establish European thinking and religious beliefs with the indigenous Indian population three hundred years ago, the Spanish built a modest mud-brick and wooden church on the site of an old Incan temple. According to the archaeological findings it used to be an Inka settlement of certain importance. Dating back to the 17th century this picturesque chapel may have a simple exterior, but its interior is an extravaganza of unusual rococo embellishments including woodcarvings draped in gold least and an unusual Andean baroque ceiling that is painted in the earthy colors generally used in escuela cusqueña art. The artwork, rich in red and gold paint, tell powerful religious stories. One graphic painting highlights the punishments for going to hell and the rewards for getting to heaven. Near the entrance is a baptismal prayer written in five languages including three local Indian languages revealing the Spaniards attempts to convert the population to Catholicism.
Ruin Of Pikillaqta


This tour begin at 8am from the lobby of your hotel of Cusco - First drive to the south valley of Cusco to find huge complex of Inca terraces of Tipon consider The best place to admire hydraulic engineering from the Inca times after to visit we continue with Piquillaqta It is a Pre-Inca citadel that keeps its Antique architectonic mysticism. The streets are divided in various sectors such as the administrative, ceremonial, defensive, it also has a system of roads. Our next stop to the south east of Cusco going by paved road we arrive to Andahuaylillas keeps true treasures of art and gold in its chapel known as the Sistine Chapel of America.
Continuing the route to the east in the Km 125 to Puno, we find Raqchi archeological site to has the evidences indicate that it was a town with multiple buildings for different purposes, Canchas (departments) wayranas( buildings that have only 3 walls), Qolqas (stores), polls, religious fountains. The most important building inside the complex is the Wiraqocha temple that according to a chronicler was made in tribute to the superior God “ApuKonTitiWiraqocha” by Inca Wiraqocha. Finally drive to come back to Hotel in Cusco (L).
Raqchi Ruin Cusco


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  3. Shared tourist transport upo 12 people (Backpacker Service)
  4. Entrance to each archaeological site mentioned in the tour itinerary
  5. Buffet lunch near of Raqchi temple (without alcoholic drinks)
Andahuaylillas Chapel

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Full Day Guided Tour To Tipon, Pikillaqta/Rumicolca, Andahualillas Sistine Chapel And Raqchi Archaeological Site <

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Sistine Chapel Of America


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