Trip To Museum Of Larco Herrera And The Temple Of Pachacamac God - 7 Hours of Guided Tour

The Larco Museum (Spanish: Museo Arqueológico Rafael Larco Herrera) is a privately owned museum of pre-Columbian art, located in the Pueblo Libre District of Lima, Peru. The museum is housed in an 18th century vice-royal mansion built over a 7th century pre-Columbian pyramid. It showcases chronological galleries that provide a thorough overview of 4,000 of Peruvian pre-Columbian history. It boasts one of the world's largest collections of pre-Columbian art including Moche, Chimu, Wari, Paracas, Nazca, and Inca pieces. Additionally, the Larco Museum is well known for its gallery of pre-Columbian erotic pottery gallery.
In 1903 Rafeal Larco Herrera began to collect pre-Columbian vessels belonging to the cultures of northern Peru.
In 1925, Rafael Larco Herrera acquired a collection of vases and other archaeological pieces from Alfredo Hoyle, his brother-in-law. There were approximately 600 ceramic pieces in all.
The arrival of these objects ignited a collector's enthusiasm in his son, Rafael Larco Hoyle. Soon after, Larco Herrera left his son in charge of the collection and those pieces completed the first collection of what would become the Rafael Larco Herrera Museum.

Vicus copper art

During that same year, Larco Hoyle received some advice from his uncle, Victor Larco Herrera, a founder of the first museum in Lima. He urged Larco Hoyle to form a new museum in Lima, one that could guard all the archaeological relics that were continually being extracted by clandestine excavators.
Larco Hoyle agreed with his uncle and proceeded to create a museum that would carry on his father's legacy. Larco Hoyle purchased two large collections: 8,000 pieces from Roa and 6,000 pieces from Carranza. He also purchased several small collections in Chicama Valley, Trujillo, Viru, and Chimbote. Within a year, the collection had grown significantly and display cases were installed in a small house on the Chiclín estate. On July 28, 1926, Independence Day, the museum opened its doors to the public.
Located in a unique vice-royal mansion of the 18th century built over a 7th century pre-Columbian pyramid is surrounded by beautiful gardens.
Features the finest gold and silver collection from Ancient Peru and the famous erotic archaeological collection, one of the most visited Peruvian tourist attractions.
For an unforgettable experience, Larco is one of the few museums in the world where visitors can also choose to enter the storage area with its 45.000 classified archaeological objects.
Its masterpieces are considered worldwide icons of Pre-Columbian art, after being exhibited in the world's leading museums.
The conservation and restoration of Peru’s archaeological patrimony is one of the basic principles of the Larco Museum. Keeping the Larco collection properly as we have done during many years has made us become one of the most prestigious institutions on conservation and restoration of archaeological Peruvian objects.
The Larco Museum, with over 80 years of experience and an excellent team of conservators is an example of how an archaeological collection must be kept.

Nazca Pottery


Pachacamac is an impressive Inca sanctuary which is considered, along with Cusco, to be the main place of worship in pre-Hispanic Peru. Pachacamac is a large adobe bricks-constructed Inca structure (200AC) about one hour outside central Lima, was an expansive, impressive introduction to the ever-ending ruins of Peru. Pachacamac fortress is surrounded by various monuments, with temples, great pyramid, small palaces and carefully restored houses, and a spacious museum well-organized museums exhibit gold artifacts, vessels made of ceramics and textiles used by the ancient Peruvians.
Pachacamac is Quechua name means "that which gives life to the world", this archaeological site is situated just south of the city of Lima. Pachacamac is best known for its durable regional and pan-Andean religious significance and is often characterized as the preeminent religious center of coastal Peru. The history say that people from all over the coast, even from the highlands came to this place to honour Pachacamac, bringing along many presents made of gold and silver, in the hope of being told what the destiny held for them.

Pachacamac Temple


Peru Adventure Tour offers the depart for this tour at 9am beginning from your hotel located around Miraflores or Lima.
Don’t forget to tell us at booking time what time do you like to depart for this tour.
The tour begins with guided visit to the most important archaeological museum of Peru.
Rafael Larco Herrera museum is awesome, the new galleries of potteries, the museography is very interesting! In the first galleries, you get to know about all the pre-Columbian civilizations in a geographical and chronological way. Then the visit becomes more thematic: Textiles, jewelry, sacrifice, the Syncretism (the fusion between the Pre-Columbian and Spanish artistic style).
The mansion seemed really impressive. It is more like the sensation of entering a familial mansion, all painted white and where you expect giggles and children playing hide and seek in the garden. It even smelled of it. The colonial mansion overlooks wonderful gardens, the whole place appeals to all your senses and goes beyond just a “pretty” garden. The mesmerizing whiteness of the building is qualified by the blend of the various colors coming from all the flowers, the cactus and the birds and butterflies gently fluttering around them.
You get easily stricken and overwhelmed by the smell of bougainvilleas, orchids, geraniums, blue plumbagos, and many typical flowers from Peru.
The interior is nicely designed with the right white walls and lightings. First, it gives an overall history of Peru, and then it walks you through the Chimu and Inca Empire. As you travel through time, you can't help but to get a deeper understanding of the Peruvian history. It has a great collection of artifacts including stone statue, wood-crafted statue, jewelry, pottery, etc.
The Larco Museum is warm and welcoming, probably because it is the story of four generations of art lovers who have devoted their entire lives to creating an exquisite place to share their passion and to extend their family to all the visitors.
After the visit to the museum we will drive one hour out of Lima where is the ancient pre-Columbian Pachacamac Pilgrimage Centre, this impressive archaeological site is located at the top of one hill next of fertile valley of Lurin and the Pacific Ocean. Our guide will start the walking tour into the most important sectors of Pachacamac as a temple for worshipping the Sun God, the complex is mostly constructed from mud bricks or adobe. The Temple housed an oracle and is considered as one of the Main Ceremonial Centres of pre-Hispanic Peru. Visit the great pyramid, going up by the ancient ramps that will lead us to the highest point, from where we will have a stunning view of Valley of Lurin and the Pacific Ocean. Afterwards we will go to the Temple of the Sun, built with four platforms with a trapezoidal shape, forming another pyramid. The Temple of the Sun was built by the Incas when they expanded their forces on the Peruvian coast. In its architecture is possible to recognize the classic Inca style. Pilgrims flocked here from far and wide to worship Pachacamac, believed to be the Creator of the World and all of its creatures.
The best preserved area is the Inca-built section (1440-1533). One of the most preserve buildings is the Acllahuasi or place of the Chosen Women, a religious place dedicated solely to the service of the temples and the manufacture of fine textiles for the nobility. After to visit the complex we walk downhill to the visit the local museum housing where will see remains of the artistic expressions from the various cultures that inhabited the Sanctuary of Pachacamac, such as pottery, textiles and a great carved wood, which is believed to be representing the divine image of Pachacamac God.
This tour ends in your hotel after 7 hours of amazing pre-Columbian experience.
PS: The lunch is not included but in case you like to enjoy a typical food the tour guide can recommend a restaurant between the places to visit or at the end of the tour.


  1. English-Speaking tour guide
  2. Private van
  3. Entrance to the museum of Rafael Larco Herrera
  4. Entrance to the Pachacamac temple
  5. Tour price includes government sales tax (19% as known IGV)

Trip To Museum Of Larco Herrera And The Temple Of Pachacamac God - 7 Hours of Guided Tour
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  1. Meals
  2. Internal flight tickets
  3. Hotel in Lima
  4. Alcoholic and soft drinks
  5. Breakfast on the first day
  6. Tips for guide and camp staff


  1. Day backpack just for minimum personal things
  2. Rain gear to protect you from rain (June to Octuber)
  3. Appropiate shoes for walk
  4. Extra warm clothes for some cold morning or afternoons
  5. Bottle of water
  6. Hat or cap to protect you from the sun, some day will be warm (December to April)
  7. Sun block (sun protection cream)
  8. Camera, plenty of film and spare batteries
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